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Boulder Creek ECGC -1N Rosewood Bridge and fingerboard Mahogany Back and Sides This guitar has aluminum rods inside of it to support the top. They won a lot of awards in 2017 for this guitar. The new Boulder Creek Guitars will not be made again until 2024. This guitar has been in a case since I got it New.I bought it along with 3 other guitars in 2018. There are only 7 Boulder Creek Dealers in the USA and Iam one of them. I think the dealer in St Augustine, Florida had stopped selling them too. There is no Factory warrany left on this guitar ( The original warranty was 5 years), This guitar lists for 599.00 Normal price is 565.00. It is on sale for a limited time only for 399.00. It does not come with a hardshell case but a New one that will fit it perfectly is available for 129.00 It's a new Case made by Washburn and is Brown with gold lettering. It has never been out of the new plastic bag it came in. The cost of New cases has gone crazy and is above 169.00 now. I have had this in inventory Pre- Price increase. There is a 35.00 shipping allowance in the cost of this guitar. That cost DOES NOT Include the weight of a Hardshell case. The 35.00 does not include insurance either. That is a cost you will need to pay for. It's generally under 6.00 or 7.00 for insurance. The Washburn case is shown so you can see what it looks like. These are 129.00 from most dealers.

Acoustic Electric Boulder Creek Sold Spruce Top/ Mahogany Back and Sides

$599.00 Regular Price
$399.00Sale Price
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